First of all, I wanted to share this lovely tip from Liselotte on how to keep track of you yarn when knitting with several different strands...the photo is stolen from her blog.
I think this may also be a great idea to try when plying yarn after spinning on my handspindle. It didn´t turn out quite as tight as I wanted to the last time, but then I just let the two yarncakes stand on the floor while plying. This method will possibly tighten up the plying a bit...

So I finished my thesis yesterday, and I just need to edit it a little bit- emailed it to my Mom, and she had a few questions, and I`m happy she did, because then I can try to fix it and maybe achieve a better result..I´m supposed to be finished by Monday, and I have an oral exam coming up next Friday, and I´ll try to work on that this weekend, but I´ve got a cold, and it´s the Norwegian Constitutional Day Saturday, so we´ll see how that goes.

Right now I´m at work at the Gallery, and I´m feeling dizzy. What I really want to do is this:

...but there´s still a few more hours of photographing and registering left. I do enjoy my work, but today isn´t the best day for this.

I´ve been told we´re going to shop for a new bed today-yay! Our old one literlaly broke, so we´ve slept on the floor for a month now, and I´m sick of it. My boyfriend says he´s going to cook for me tonight as well, so I guess I´m not that miserable after all =)

On the needles; started raglan thursday night, the Fanakofte is moving slowly towards finishing. Bought some buttons too-eight copperlike,traditional buttons with a floral motif on them. I wanted something slightly different from the traditional buttons, but not too different. I guess I´m satisfied with these, but if there existed metal buttons with owls on them, I´d rather have those...

I´ve knit two out of four Feather and Fan-linings on my Halsstriber scarf, and I´m planning to finish it by the end of May. Other than that, I´m working on the Hourglass sweater and crocheting the Sunshine shopping bag.

Have a nice weekend if you stop by!

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