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Okay then. I´ve been wondering if I should start blogging entirely in English for some time now. I mean, you Norwegians and Danes can read English, so that should´t really be a problem. And I would probably get better at writing Endlish, I´m actually considering if my masters thesis should be written entirely in English, as taht would make it a whole lot easier for ravelers to read it, if they would like to...for thosw of you who don´t know, I´m going to write my masters about Ravelry, starting august -08. But I´m planning a lot already...

Thanks to Kim from KnitTherapy, I hereby declare this blog written in English only. English labels will appear from now on, I won´t edit all of my blog posts.

My Macbook is (sadly) sick, and needed some recreation time at Eplehuset. Therefore, I´m sitting in our cold bedroom trying to ignore the books I should be reading for my oral exam, and guess what- it´s working! My plan for today- since it´s an official day off fore everyone in Norway- was to study, exercise for an hour with my friend and then study some more. Did that happen? No. Instead, I´ve been finishing the babysweater, crocheting some more Granny Squares for my leftoveryarn-afghan, and eating snickers. I´m still in my PJs, and I don´t plan to change into anything else.
My boyfriend is at a friends house to play some boardgame, so I´m surfing and snooping around Ravelry. But I would like to bring my sweet little Mac into the sofa with me, so I could knit at the same time as surfing. Two more weeks now...

On the needles is currently a lot of projects- the Fanakofte lies still in its bag, because of the lack of yarn- and no one seems to have any of it either, so that´s resting for now. My scrapyarn project is going well, I´m planning on a rainbow afghan, and currently using up all yellows and oranges from my stash. It looks quite nice, so I´m hoping this won´t be a UFO.

I´ve cast on the Central Park Hoodie, using the neon pink yarn I dyed some time ago, and I´ve started the swatch for my Mom´s Autumn Cardigan, using the Damask pattern from Dale. When visiting Kristiansand last weekend I had to drop by my beloved LYS, Karmin garn og gaver, and came home with two skeins of merino from Design CLub DK. I´m using it together with Kauni 8/2, in a cornflowerlike blue shade. it´s turning out gorgeous, and it´s going to turn into the Hourglass Sweater from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. That book was my first actual knitting book, and I have not made anything from it yet....

Well, back to the books (zzzzz)- I´ll post some pictures from yesterdays Strikk & Drikk (knit and drink, for you non-norwegians) at Linus´house. It turned out to be a quiet evening, and we enjoyed knitting and drinking just a little bit...

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  1. Congratulations on your English blog! So now we should all comment in English, I guess?
    I have a question that I am really wondering about: how on earth is it possible to knit at the same time as surfing the Internet???? I am impressed! How many arms do you have again...? ;-) ;-)

  2. Anonym5/02/2008

    Heisann. Innom for å ønske deg ei fin helg.
    Klem fra Ronille

  3. Hehe neida, trenger ikke svare på jeg har fått noen henvendelser på Ravelry, så da tenkte jeg å forsøke meg på engelsk bloggeri. Det går fint å strikke når man surfer, bare litt saktere =)

  4. Great news!
    Though I have to say I really liked the bilingual-blogging, as I often tried to work out what you said in Norwegian by reading your English summary first.

  5. vibbedille5/04/2008

    HVOR ER BILDEN FAR "STRIKK&drikk" da??? HE HE, Eg stokk med en gang eg kom inn på bloggen for eg trodde eg var kommer feil siden det var engelsk! H ehe, men det gikk jo bar, virker med en gang litt mer proft! Kooos deg og ha en herlig våruke!!!
    klem vibbedille

  6. Vibbe: De kommer etterhvert, har bare ikke gidda å styre med det nå som den bærbare er på reparasjon...håper de har den klar innen en uke =)