Knitnight and swapping


I´ve joind my first two international swaps- one at Ravelry and one at Swapbot The Ravelry swap is called "A few of my favourite things" and it´s supposed to be a low-cost swap -the value is 15$ plus shipping. I will never be able to keep it that way...but that´s just good for my spoilee, right? It is not a secret swap, so I´m keeping in touch with the one that I´m going to spoil, and she´s really nice. She has a penpal from Norway, and she´s lived in Iceland. She´s also fascinated by trolls, so I think I know how to put the package together.

The other swap is called Yarn Junkies II and it works like this: You sign up for each month (if yu want to) and the theme for this month is 'yellow', and you´re supposed to send a skein of LYS-qualite yarn and some extra goodies to go with it. I like the idea of colour-matching, so I´m planning this package as well.

I´m afraid that swapping is quite addictive...

Tuesday was knitnight at Krabbeloftet, its held there every other week, but I haven´t been there for a month or so, and the other knitnights I usually go to I haven´t been able to get some extra time for them because of my exams. Tuesday was really nice- as always- and I wanted to share some pictures with you, so here they are:

This is Babbs knitting a babyhat

Gro is showing off her sweater for her daughter

This is Jorun(?) knitting on some babies clothing

MadamOlsen is making children´s clothing as well

Here´s some of Vibbedilles cuties

More pictures will be posted after our summer party!

My Fana...I´ve decided to give ti a little twist, so it won´t be finished this week...I´m experimenting and playing around a little, and I think the result can be really cool! But I won´t reveal what the changes are yet...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Heisann! Er så spent på å se den ferdige fanakofta di! :) Lykke til med eksamen og god helg (litt på forskudd...)

  2. Fanakoften din er noe av det fineste jeg har sett! Tro om jeg kan få farmor til å strikke en sånn for meg? Jeg har nok ikke tålmodighet...

  3. Awww, thanks! I'm glad you think I'm nice! Just wait til you get to know me. ;-)

    The lavender baby booties are just too cute! Almost makes me wish for another baby...

    Ha det bra!

  4. Aren´t they cute? A friend at Knitnight made them, it´s the Merry Jane´s-I think the pattern is in Ravelry somewhere. Looking forward to get to know you better =)