New DPNneedlecase and owls


I bought this cute little project bag from Tebasile, and it is simply perfect! There´s room for my favourite DPNs as well as some of the circular needles I use the most, and there´s room for a project-to-go in the middle. And I love the fabric, reminds me of my childhoods bedlinen. I wish I could sow like that...I have done some smaller projects with my sowing machine, these owls are easy-peasy and very cute. The inspiration for the pattern can be found here.

This weekend has been filled with celebrating exams (on Friday) with my fellow students, we are only 10 students at this particular masters degree, so we get to know each other well. We had some beers in the afternoon, sunny Stavanger was warm and nice, and dear C had made pizza for me when I got home-one of his specialtys. Saturday was slow and lazy, I cleaned our apartment and sat in the sun knitting and reading, before going to C´s friend Henning´s 30th birthday party. We had a great time, one of C´s friends spent the night here, ad we´ve been sipping coffee on our balcony all day, and right now I´m waiting for C to come home with juicy burgers and a movie. I, on the other hand, is in the sofa watching season 2 of Dexter and knitting away on my Hourglass sweater. Can it get any better than this? And- I´m off work tomorrow! Sun, knitting and coffee is my master plan.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. hei! så søt den veska var :D Jeg husker faktisk det sengetøyet du snakker om, tror jeg... tror vi hadde noe som liknet. Hørtes fantastisk ut med fri, du er heldig, men JEG MÅ jobbe. Skulle heller ha tilbringt dagen i kolonihagen! Kos deg :)

  2. Cute owls! You've been tagged with a meme...

  3. så fiiint...

    og du? tar du utfordringa i bloggen min?

  4. Jeg er livredd fugler, men uglene dine er riktig så fine! :)

  5. Flotte ugler den veska er jo så praktisk..Har visst mønster også og deilig brunt "kaffe-stoff", men sy sånne...Det våger jeg meg jammen ikke på ennda *fnis*Ha en fin dag Snuppa :)