Progress on my Fanakofte and other non-exam related issues


As I´m currently writing my thesis for the final exams of this semester, I always find good excuses not to work on it. I´ll try to finish it by tomorrow, so I can study for my last oral exam during the weekend.

I´ve made my third cinnamon latte today, and I thought to myself "You´re so clever. Take a break. Knit some more, and blog a little". And so I did.

When we went to my boyfriend´s parents´country house during pentecost, I got quite a lot done on my Fanakofte. One arm is finished, the other one needs the star pattern, and when I finish that I can start raglan decreasing! I finally got hold of the brown Kauni W-OP, I bought it at I haven´t decided what kind of buttons I want, but I´ve seen some smaller ones on a baby´s Fanakofte with flowers on them. What I really would prefer was the traditional metal ones, with a modern motif- maybe owls, squirrels or something like that. I´ll chase Etsy later to see what I can find.

5 kommentarer:

  1. vibbedille5/14/2008

    Bare en ting å si:
    Den har du jammen vært dyktig med, det flotteste eg har sett iallefall! Ha en herlig dag! kos deg! Klem og kos fra Vibbedille

  2. Anonym5/15/2008

    Heisann. Innom for å ønske deg ei fin 17.mai helg. Eg og mannen min reiser på hytta :) Jakka di blir så fin, og eg er knall misunnelig.
    Klem fra Ronille

  3. Your Fanakofte sweater is looking really good! Kauni seems like a very nice yarn...I must try it!

  4. Hei og takk for hyggelig kommentar i bloggen min :-).
    Jammen er du flink med farger selv - denne Fanakofta blir bare aldeles råflott!
    Ha en flott 17. mai- helg.