A few finished items, and some new ones on the needles....


Last wednesday I cleaned up at the balcony, preparing for visitors.....

...and we had a lovely evening, knitting and gossiping. We also swapped some yarn, which was great- I hope this will become a tradition at our knitnights.
From the left is Gro, Jorunn, Halaisa, Babbs and Virtuella

( I had bought a heater, new blankets and made very hot soup in case of cold weather, but that didn´t happen, so we enjoyed the hot soup in the hot sun-well, almost- and the last guest left around 23.00)
From the left is Gro, Jorunn, Halaisa, Babbs and Virtuella

This is the view from my knitting nook at the balcony- can´t get any better than that!

I´ve been knitting a little bit of this and a little bit of that lately; some babystuff and some grown-up stuff....In the babies department there is a simple garter stitch blanket knit with an unknown, handspun oneply wool. I will crochet an edge around the blanket before I give it away, but for now that can wait.

This is the (modified) Swallowtail shawl, knit wiht Opal Uni in the darkest brown shade. The pattern was ok to knit, I guess, but I did not make friends with the Lily of the Valley-p5tog-pattern...that´s why there´s only one repeat of it. Otherwise I like the shawl very much.

Some friends of us had a daughter last summer, and she turns 1 the 4th of July, so I knit her this tunic based on Tora´s Little Sisters Dress pattern. I used scraps of the Malabrigo Silky Merino in Velvet Grapes and one skein of the same yarn, shade Amoroso. Lovely yarn! I think I might knit a whole dress in this yarn some other time, but in only one shade. I plan to give the tunic away together with a cute, purple or brown body and some cute pants.

Here´s my progress on the FBL- I frogged the CPH (while watching some BBC haha- for those of you who DOESN`T knit, FBL is the February Lady Sweater, and CPH is the Central Park Hoodie. BBC is just BBC.) because I was scared I didn´t have enough of the handdyed yarn. I guess I like the way it turns out so far, but I´m a bit concerned about the arms; I think they look rahter big. The back is not exactly tight either, so it won´t surprise me if this one turns out a little too comfy. Time will show!

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  1. Veldig, veldig koselig veranda dere har!!! Ses til mandag! Det blir koselig :D