Knitting weekend at Fjøløy


I went to Fjøløy with some knitting friends this weekend and this is what we did:

Halaisa, Gro, Babbs and Kjersti-thanks for a great weekend!

This photo was taken by Halaisas mom, and she knit all three Fanakofter for her daughter and her father. Aren´t they beautiful?

3 kommentarer:

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Wine, coffee, knitting and sunshine. Sounds perfect!

    What is the meaning of Fanakofte? Is it a certain type of Norwegian sweater? They are all gorgeous.

  2. Isn´t it? It was a great weekend. The Fanakofte is one of the common traditional Norwegian sweaters, together with the Setesdalskofte and other jackets and sweaters with the typical starpattern.

  3. For et nydelig sted dere har besøkt! Kunne så gjerne ha hatt et par uker der ja!