Mittens, curtains and dishcloths


I´ve knit this cute little curtain for the outdoor toilet at my boyfriend´s famliy summer house from the 1840ies. Will post more pictures when it´s in the proper place. I used the Feather and fan pattern and some leftover cotton yarn.

Another little project I continue doing while driving longer distances (my boyfriend drives, I knit...) I love these cotton/bamboo dishcloths, and use them all the time.

These mittens are made from some of the scraps from the Fanakofte. I still have enough of the brown yarn for a pair of baby booties, and probably enough of the EZ as well...I´m a little tired of knittin with Kauni at the moment, so the leftovers will hibernate for now.

My Shetland Triangle turned out beautifully, but I´ve bound it off too I´ll have to dry it, frog the cast-off edging and then re-knit (re-cast-off?) and THEN block it, dry it and photograph it. Phew! I guess it´s worth the trouble, the Malabrigo Silky Merino is lovely to work with!

Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day, and we´re going to knit at Kult.kaféen in Stavanger at 11.00 pm. The weather is a bit on and off raining and quite windy, so I decided we went indoors instead of sitting outside in a park. Looking forward to it though, I wonder how many knitters will turn up. Anyway, I´ll post photos from the event afterwards =)

And now I´m going to continue knitting the baby-Fana which turns out really cute!

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  1. Flott håndtverk - as always!Fanakoften din er bare SÅÅÅÅÅ fin - *misunnelig*
    God helg fra Matmor/Teraks

  2. Anonym6/13/2008

    Heisann. Innom på helgebesøk for å ønske deg ei god helg :) Den siste veka har vore regnfull og kald, men no vil eg ha sol... Klem fra Ronille