Some knitting


I forgot to take pictures on Saturday! We-Gro, Halaisa and myself, went to Kult.Kaféen to knit for a few hours, and Babbs joined us for a round of shopping. We didn´t buy anything knitting related, but I think Halaisa got about five dresses for herself.
It was a nice day, the evening was spent at some of our friends´house with barbecue. We got home late, and Sunday was spent in the sofa, wearing my pajamas and knitting all day. Lovely weekend!

I got some knitting done as well, the baby Fanakofte body is finished, blocked and steamed and I´m very pleased with it. I didn´t see it until I´d blocked it, but I´ve actually knit the star pattern in opposite colours, it´s supposed to be white stars...but what the hell. I´ll just do the same on the sleeves and be done with it. I think it turned out rather well.

I´ve also finished my Shetland Triangle, knit with Malabrigo Silky Merino, and it´s super soft. I think I´ll knit with smaller needles the next time I use thick yarn for a shawl, because I don´t think the lace effect works so well with the thickness. It will look different than other lace projects, but I like the look of that. Vibbedille
knit a beautiful FBS with Baby Camel yarn, and I like the look of the pattern.

A small project for longer drives is this little Noro tote, I´m going to line it with some dark brown fabric and put a ziplock in it. I guess I´ll be using it as a wallet, or a gift.

My Swallowtail shawl is growing, I´m knitting it for someone in my family, with Opal Uni. I´ve started the Lily of the Valley-repeats, and I must say I´m not exactly thrilled with the purl-5-togethers, but it goes along wuite rapidly actually. I think I´ll be able to finish those repeats tonight, and maybe start the edging. C´s parents are coming over for strawberries, ice cream and coffee-yum- and they usually stay almost until midnight, but that´s okay-we always have a good time.

Now I´m going to do some laundry-interesting, isn´t it?- and knit some more on the shawl before C gets home from work.

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  1. Du er utrolig produktiv, og resultatene er som vanlig kjempefine.
    Ha en flott uke, så sees vi på onsdag :-)

  2. I loved the shetland triangle, the colour is beautiful