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This is my third attempt at spinning, and I made a babyhat from the yarn. My draftingskills has developed, so I´ve managed to spin some worsted/aran merino-app.315 meters/100 grams. Not bad, but I´ll need la lighter spindle...

Finished the Breeze socks from Knitty a week ago, they fit snuggly and they´re so beautiful!

...more Breeze....

I got this lovely package from my secret pal Sipusa at Hobbyforum. The Noro Silk Garden Lite is already a hat, and the beautiful Rowan Scottish Tweed has been out as well. I didn´t manage to make a hat out of it, but I will make something else later. The grey yarns are pure wools, I think, and they´re really soft. I guess they´ll become shawls eventually. Great tea, and a cute little pincushion that she´s crocheted for me. Thank you so much, Sipusa!

This is the hat I made from the Noro I got from Sipusa, and it´s going to a new home- Irenesol has a project going on, loads of beanies and hats are being knitted and crocheted to go to the cancer ward at Ullevål Hospital for chemopatients. This is my first, but not my last contribution.

The Fanakofte has been blocked today, and the buttonholes are way too big...I have to sow them. I´ve knit a belt as well, and I´m wondering if I should knit pockets or not. I think it would be great, but I´m so tired of knitting on it now that it´s all kind of eh. I just want it to finish by itself so that I can forget it for a while...even though it´s beautiful colorwise, and it fits me very snuggly (a little too snuggly, some might say). My plan is to finish it by the end of this week so I can continue with the Central Park Hoodie and maybe starte the arms on the very, very boring Hourglass sweater.

Work has been exhausting because of the heat, but aircondition is now installed and we´re alle much happier, carrying around heavy art objects in the sun.

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  1. These are all so beautiful! I especially like the baby hat. You did a great job on the yarn! ~Shannon

  2. Thank you! It got bulkier than I wanted it to, but I guess my next attempt wll be smoother.

  3. For en nyyydelig babylue, og for noen herlige sokker! Så sommerlige og herrrrlige! Du er så flink til å finne kule oppskrifter! Behandler ferien deg bra sånn ellers?? Her er det muntlig i dag, og deretter er det sommer på alvor! Men det blir nå bare jobb, men sikkert kjekt allikevel. Jeg har jo dagene til å ligge i den eventuelle sola på!

  4. Anonym6/06/2008

    Heisann. Her kommer ei lita helgahelsing fra meg. Vi har sol og varme, og det resulterar i lite handarbeid.
    Klem fra Ronille

  5. Åja....skulle skrive det er ren ull i det garnet men glemte det gang på gang.....

    Håper du får noe fint ut av det, siden jeg ikke fikk det til...har tenkt masse på sjal men jeg er ingen sjalstrikker dessverre.

    Og flott lue har du laget!!