Hourglass sweater by Joelle Hoverson


Baby i Rib got a button instead of a ribbon to make it less feminine. I think it turned out quite cute.

My Hourglass Sweater (from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson) is finally done, hibernating since April. If I had only bought those circular needles before, I could have finished ths sweater in no time- once I got to the sleeves, it was such a quick job to get it done. I´m pleased with the result (it´s not blocked yet, mind you) but I would consider knitting it an inch or two longer if you´re going to make this one. It´s a tiny bit short for my taste (I´ll just block it, of course-but if I had just knit it a bit longer I wouldn´t have to....)

Since it´s Saturday, I´m only working three hours now that it´s holiday in Norway, and C is on his scubadiving class. We´re going to the summerhouse after work and class, it´s going to rain, but who cares; when there´s knitting, nice food and nice people to chat with? I don´t! Have a nice weekend, those of you that reads blogs in the summertime...

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  1. Beautiful! Have a wonderful, relaxing week-end! Hubs is gone so it is just me and the kids for 2 weeks again. I think it will be hot here so we will be hanging out in the pool today. (and later I'll be spinning on that new wheel - I am thinking to start with the wool you sent me)

  2. Den genseren ble kjempefin, flott blåfarge!