I've joined Ravelympics, starting 08.08.08, at 0800. I've also joined Team Tardis in the Who KNits?-group at Ravelry. Photos from the various events will appear here. I've joined the Mitten m-something event, I'll be knitting a pair of Dalek Mittens (the ones I'm working on now is simply practicing and training for the real thing)....
I've had to frog my FLS because it was too wide and too short, so now I've started the gull lace pattern and hopefully it will be finished before I start my vacation. I'm alsp working on Mom's Damask, the striped hem is working up slowly, but beautifully. Can't wait to start the pattern! Cobblestone is on the needles as well, and my hybrid crochet/knit cardi also.
August will be the UFO-month at Hobbyboden, so I hope to finish the yellow crochet bag (at least) and mayb the boring Regia sock for C. But with Ravelympics and going to Kreta, it will be a busy knitting month =P

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  1. Du har virkelig nok å henge fringrane i! Gubba, så mykje fint du lagar.

    Ha ein fin sommar!! Og lykke til med ravelympics:)