Ravelympics 2008


Since it´s now officially 08.08.08, I have started the Daaaalek mittens- casting on this very minute, because the test-mitten did not turn out the way I wanted it to. I will frog it later, and use it as a guideline for the main mittens as I go along.

So; my Ravelympics projects are:

Project #1: Daaalek mittens

Yarn: Rauma 3tr. strikkegarn, colours 140 and 14
2,5 and 3 DPNS
Pattern: Dalek doily by meredee

Project #2: Baby Fanacardigan
Gjestal Baby Ull
Needles: Addi turbos circular 3
Pattern: Sandnesgarn Fanakofte

Project #3: February Lady Sweater
Duo Silke/Merino
Needles: Ebony circular needle 5
Pattern: February Lady Sweater by Flintknits

I am participating in the Mitten Medley, and in the WIP Wrestling (with the Fana and the FLS). Photos of the ongoing process will be presented shortly!

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  1. Du satser skikkelig! Jeg skal heie på deg.