Rusted Root by Sarah & Rachel


The pattern can be bought here.
I´m knitting the t-shirt with Cascade 220, Christmas Green. I have five hanks of it, so I think there´s enough yarn to make the sleeves longer. If not, this will be a fall/winter type of shirt to wear over a polosweater and such. I love the root lace pattern, and made a modification on the sleeves; I think they look quite puffy in the photos, so I´ve stopped increasing on them now (I´m on the row 39) and wll continue increasing for the body until row 55, when something else is going to happen in the pattern (haven´t read through it yet...)
It´s very, very soft, and I´m looking forward to let it keep me warm and snuggly on cold and long days at the library.

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  1. Have you ever listened to the Pittsburgh based band "Rusted Root"?

    You can search YouTube for some of their videos or see them on myspace. If you like them, let me know. =)