Cobblestone- take #3


After I´d frogged the first Cobblestone (I could probably wrap my sofa in it), I cast on for a second attempt-this time in the right size (the second smallest size...). So far, so good. After a few rounds (app. 15 cm!) Halaisa discovered that I was doing the ridges wrong, I was knitting purl sts instead of one purl round and one knit I frogged it again. An NOW the body measures almost 16 " and I´m going to make it 20 " long to be sure, and THEN I hope third is my number. It´s turning out really well, soft and nice and fits my boyfriend perfectly, so I guess it will sit tightly on my father in law, but that´s good so it won´t be too loosely after wearing for some time.

I´m actually not that tired of the pattern (yet), but I guess the decreasing will be a bit more challenging for someone like me who does not like to purl (who does anyway)...but still, I have my skeins of Cascade 220 heathers for the girly version for myself, and I hope there will be enough yarn for a tee or something similar (I have 5 hanks...)

I´m writing away on my thesis, the theme or topic or whatever it´s called is finished, so now I´m collecting information about knitting as a cultural tradition in Norway, and trying to explain to the muggles what Ravelry is-with screenshots and all, if I can figure out how- and why it´s such a great source. So. I´ve decided to write in Norwegian after all, I thought at first that I´d write it in English, but that´s too difficult with the language required for this kind of thesis. So MAYBE I´ll translate it -or parts of it- later...but I´m enjoying the work, although I had never anticipated that making a survey could be so difficult!

Oh well- I´m going to take some cupcakes out of the oven, we´re having Strikk Innom at my place tonight (Knit-By, or something) and I´m baking (since I don´t want to work woth the survey anymore) and I need to clean up a bit as well, C is offshore working and comes home tomorrow, and Mom is coming to visit us as we´re going to celebrate C´s 30th birthday with his family on Saturday...I´m at work bith Saturday and Sunday, so I´m doing as much as possible now so that he can enjoy the big day and so that Mom can have a relaxing weekend (she needs that, her job is getting over her head right now) and enjoy the silence as I´m at work =P

I´ve hidden his present in the apartment, and I really hope he´ll love it- I think he will though, he´s quite easy to please that way....

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  1. Anonym9/19/2008

    Heisann. Innom på min ukentlige bloggbesøksrunde, for å ønsker deg ei riktig god og fin helg.
    Klem fra Ronille :)