Dexter swap #2 at Ravelry


I´m a huge fan of Dexter
and I joined the Dexter swap group at Ravelry, and got Halaisa (who also lives here in Stavanger) as my swap partner. This is the coolets package ever; look what I got! (and she even promised me the new Vogue Knitting AND more yarn):

Top left: Vintage knitting needles, hooker´s fingernails stitchmarkers
2nd row: Barbie´s head back , blood spatter analysis yarn
3rd row: Chocolate and coffee yum, Barbie´s head fridge magnet
4th row: Detail from hooker´s fingernails, Dexter-themed dishtowel
5th row: Sisik yarn from Dale, which I can choose a project for and get more of the colour I like the best (I like the black one) , and last but not least: the Horror tote!

Thank you so much, halaisa! Foreningssjokoladen er spist allerede!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hehe likte du sjokoladen?

  2. Ja! Har spart ingefærsjokoladen ...=)