Many Finished Objects lately, that´s how it is when you´re supposed to write on your master´s thesis (about Ravelry, so technically I´m doing research...)

These mittens are a christmas present, and they´re made with Létt Lopi and various leftover yarns for the embroidery. I used Bea´s fingerless mittens as a guideline (as you can see, I´m not good at needlework, so felting the mittens a bit seemed like a good idea. Also they were too big)

I finished the Anthropologie-Inspired capelet as well, thanks to vis2vas who bought me the third skein of Bris in Kristiansand. The yarn is 50 % wool and 50 % soy, and lovely for mittens, shrugs and such.

And finally a decent photo of me with my Rusted Green Root which I love! Knit with Cascade 220 Christmas Green, used app 2.5 skeins.

Some not-so-good photos of me with my love´s new Turn a Square-hat (by Brooklyntweed), he doesn´t want to be in my blog (my love, not brooklyntweed. Haven´t asked him yet haha). Knit with Noro Silk Garden and Silk garden Lite.

Oh the joy of mobile phone solo photographing.....

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love those mittens!!! They put me in mind of HarpaJ's hats...see them here Everything is beautiful, as always!

  2. Hei! Nå var det en stund siden jeg har lagt igjen spor etter meg her, skal si du har fått laget masse flott. Såå misunnelig på Tanangertreffet, forhåpentligvis får jeg vært med en eller annen gang. Hvordan går det med Ravelry-oppgaven din da? :)