Handdyed yarn and cake


I´ve dyed some beige Silja (app. 200 grams) with Pink lemonade and Grape Kool-Aid. I like the Grape best, but I think the pink one will turn out nice as well. I hope to have achieved selfstriping yarn, time will show...

I, like som many others, had to try this
recipe for a 5-minute microwave chocolate cake, so I found a large cup and used all the ingredients sans milk, so I wonder how this tasts...it looks good though, on a Friday!

Cobblestone is finished, and drying this very moment. When the sun comes out and C get home I´ll post some photos. I think it got perfect for my father in law!

I´m almost done with the sunshine candy-socks, and later on I plan to cast on for the Shalom cardi, I want to make it a bit different from the original pattern; making the sleeves t-shirt long, more buttons (perhaps all the way down) and if I have enough yarn I´ll knit pockets as well.

Have a great weekend!

My plans are to see some friends, and hopefully my neck will behave (it stiffs up some times, and I have not had a good night...and I´d really like to get some exercise, but it hurts too much to turn my head, so I guess I should wait.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Knallfin farge på garnet ditt. Gleder meg til å se det i strikk! Oi, den kaken var jo bare innbydende, kos deg. Ha en fin helg:)

  2. Tror den kaken må prøves!

    Har du sett Malin siun variant av Shalom Cardi? Hun har omarbeidet den og lagt ut veiledning på bloggen sin. Den ble veldig fin!

    Ønskr deg en god helg!

  3. I'll be right over for some of that chocolate cake! ;-)

    How do you set your dye when you use Kool-aid? With vinegar? Does it eventually fade out in the wash? My spinning teacher (an older lady and very traditional in her methods, I believe) insists that Kool-aid dying is a waste of time. What do you think?

    Your socks are quite sunny! You will enjoy those when winter arrives.