Knitting weekend and baking


Yesterday was the grand opening at Krabbeloftet, where 70 knitterhappy ladies from all over Norway finally got together for a weekend of knitting, gossip, yarnshopping and a great time- today will be knitting all over, and tomorrow (I´m going to work =/ ) is the bus trip when the others are going bananas in our local yarnshops and -factories.

Of course, one needs fuel for such adventurous events, so I´m baking mini cupcakes for everyone (including those who have allergies for milk, gluten, corn....) and I think they´re turning out quite cute! I´m decoratig them with sugar and jelly hearts, which (I hope) don´t have any of the ingredients listed above in them..

After this, I´m hopping on the bus for Tananger- that´s where you need to be this weekend. In the meantime, while waiting for the cuties to cool off, I´m embroidering on these mittens, knit with Létt Lopi from Istex, using Bea´s Fingerless Mittens as my tutorial.
I don´t expect to be doing a lot of blogging this weekend, so have a nice one, and pictures will be posted after the event!

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  1. Takk for sist, kan skrive under på at muffinsene var gode, ja! :)