Project #7: Krabbeloftsmystery and Blueberries....


Since my FO nr 7 (counting backwards from 10..) is a mystery and not yet to be revealed, this questionmark is all you get. I can tell you that it was HUGE and heavy, and now felting happily in the machine. I hope it turns out well this time, the first time I test-knit it, it went straight to h***. So, hope for the best.

I was so pleased with the blue Kool-Aid Silja (it´s more blue than this lousy photo shows) that I immediately wanted to cast on for another pair of Blueberry Waffles. I have not yet made an actual blue pair, so I hope the yarn and pattern will work well together.
I managed to stretch the sunshine socks a bit, so I can keep them for myself-hah!

Shalom is sitting in its basket at the moment, it´s a quick knit and turns out gorgeous, I´ve put buttons on it to make sure it fits over my chest, and it does! I will stick to the pattern with three buttons because I think my particular choice of buttons will be too much in larger quantities. You will understand when you see the colour of it ( like nissehud, only brighter and darker, for you local knitters) =P

I´ve had a great day, a quick trip to Ikea before heading home for Star Trek, knitting and homemade pizza by C, then some more knitting and now Twin Peaks (and knitting). Tomorrow will be knitting in the car on our way to Sandnes and Hå Gamle for art exhibitons of different kinds, before I´m helping my friend lifting some roof-stuff (please, neck, don´t complain) and then off to another friend to have coffee.
That´s the kind of weekend I like! And next weekend is Gardermotreffet, knitters´meetup for a whole weekend! Yay!

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