Rusted root, baby Cobblestone and more


It IS difficult to get a decent photo of oneself - in the rain, with a cellphone camera, without a mirror...but as soon as the sun comes out and my boyfriend is at home, I´ll get better pictures of this. I LOVE it! It´s warm and soft and cute, and I can wear it to practically everything. I think this will become a fave on cold fall nights and days at uni.

I replaced the black buttons with these vintage bakelite ones for my pink FLS, I think they give a more modest look to the bright colour. As for the Rusted Root I need my love to photograph me...

I finished the Pebbles vest (based on Cobblestone pattern) yesterday, it needs some blocking and ironing, and the buttons are on their way from Thailand in the mail (etsy).

The baby Cobblestone turned out super cute, needs to be ironed as well, and then I´ll ship it off to it´s new owner (who haven´t even been born yet!)

And last, but not least, some destash fabric from Etsy, the polkadot ones are Amy Butler, and I´ll use either the yellow or the red (red I think) for lining the mittens..

I was supposed to finish reading "A cyborg Manifesto" by Donna Haraway for my thesis today, but I cannot concentrate...why? Because today is the first day of our knitting get-together in Tananger, and there will be 70 happy knitters there- and it lasts until Sunday, and I´m going to a salsa class this afternoon, so I won´t be able to get there until 20.00! Whew. I´m taking the day off tomorrow though, I want to get as much knitting time as possible at the Krabbeloftet this year. I had to work last year, and we were very busy so I didn´t have time at ALL to join the others. But this year, oh, this year, will I finish the adult Cobblestone for Petter (hopefully, I´m knitting the largest size on #3 needles...) and get to know lots of my fellow online knitters! Cheers!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Så sød, den baby cobblestone. Du ser også godt ud i den grønne :-)

  2. Så produktiv du er! Cobblestone var kjempesøt!

  3. så fin den grønne var!herli land som du strikker! det gaar jo så trægt her hos mæ!blir så inspirert av å se på alt du strikker!så i kveld blir det megastrikking hele kvelden..skal få ferdig armen på mariusen ..jeg SKAL!!

  4. Du, den grønne likte jeg helt eksepsjonelt godt! Den så så anvendelig ut. Går liksom til alt.. Jeg kjøpte meg en gul strikkevest (heter det vest når ikke det er knapper, altså en genser uten lange armer?) i Firenze, og jeg liker den så godt. Den er litt i samme stilen som din. Men så kom jeg hjem og kjente at den kløøøøøøøør. Og gjennom skjorta jeg hadde under tilogmed! Akryl. Pføy. Men den er så fin at jeg får vel pine meg gjennom det....;-S

    Håper ellers du har det fint! Vi har noen bilder her som vi ikke har fått hengt opp, så si fra når du har tid og lyst til å stikke innom og komme med noen gode galleritips, samt hilse på Magnus :)

  5. Så forresten at det var en garnbutikk, eller var det garnfabrikk som hadde posesalg på garn i helgen under Sirdalsdagene. Er jo litt langt unna da....