Overraskelse i posten og høst/Surprise in the mail and fall


I´m writing this post in English because my swap-partner and friend Shannon has sent me this lovely package! Originally, I sent a package to her in the "A few of my favourite things"-swap over at Ravelry, and since then we´ve stayed in touch, she´s a very nice girl, and she loves the nordic traditions and countries -she even lived in Iceland for some time- so I´ll be putting together a little something before Christmas to send back. Anyway, as you can see there was a lot of goodies in the box I got; lots of lovely tea candy, yarn and lovely fiber, gardening magazine AND seeds from her own garden, some Halloween-chocolates that I can´t figure out how to open! , biscuit sticks, some pink candy that I´m not sure is for eating- or is it for dyeing?, ginger tea, a measuring thingie that was very much needed and music from the band "Rusted Root", which I´m listening to this very moment- best described as som kind of folk/ethnic genre? I like it. Also there were local postcards and a tiny little Statue of Liberty =) Thank you so much Shannon, I adore this gift! (and I adore thee, but that sounds so pompous...haha)

I went for a walk in the Botanical Gardens of Stavanger on my way to Uni, and had to photograph this tree- I´m definitely having one of these in my future garden....

Really cool tree

Has been some kind of kuletistel/thistle...

Zucchinis that I REALLY wanted to steal, but didn´t..

More zucchini

And this is our lousy attempt to decorate for Halloween (which we don´t celebrate, I just love pumpkins...) Shannon, your S. beats us here....

Have a nice weekend! I´m knitting on Mom´s Damask and working.

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  1. I adore thee, too! LOL!!!

    The pink candies "Canada" are for eating. They are peppermints. My husband's favourites. The other Japanese candies are some of mine and the kids' favourites. Does the metal pumpkin have a band of tape around its middle? Perhaps run a sharp knife around the place where the two halves meet and that will loosen it. Gosh, I hope it didn't get squished in the mail! The seeds from my garden: I'm not sure if they will grow for you but I put them in anyway and you can try them next spring. I'm glad you like everything! It was fun to gather a few goodies to send to you.

  2. I forgot to tell you...try the licorice tea without sugar...it is very sweet naturally. Also, be sure to let it steep for at least 5 minutes for the best taste.

  3. Hallo. Innom for å ønske deg god helg :)